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How Do I Create a Canvas Discussion Board Post?

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1. After selecting the course, click on "Discussions" on the right hand bar. 

2. Click on the "Discussion" button in the upper right-hand corner

3. After clicking on the discussion button, it will formulate a discussion board page for you. Give, your discussion board post a title and then in the "text" section fill out your writing prompt.

4. On the right-hand side (or bottom of the page if your browser is shrunk smaller than full size), you can select pages, images, and files to hyperlink into and/or upload into your discussion board post.

5. Scroll down to select its due date, upload files, attach it to different class sections, determine if it's a group discussion, and allow for other features (ex. determining if it's graded).


6. Scroll down further and look to the bottom right-hand corner to either save the document for later or save and publish it to your course.